Scheduling Classes

Scheduling Classes

While we provide the following for your information, we recommend that students take advantage of their assigned PHN Counselor who will work with them to help determine which classes are appropriate for their educational and career goals.

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Information for Parents of Incoming Freshman: Available downloads include the Husky Blue and Gold Book , handout from a Parent Workshop for a Four Year Plan, PHN Four Year Schedule, Grade 9-12 Scheduling and Blue Water Middle College FAQs.

Procedure for Scheduling Classes
mouse Port Huron Northern students typically choose their fall classes in early March. Students should input their schedule online before meeting with their counselor. For a tutorial video, click this link: Scheduling Video.

Changing Schedules

We are able to grant necessary schedule changes for the following reasons:

1. Student is in the wrong level course and/or does not have the necessary prerequisites.

2. Student was scheduled into an incorrect course (data entry mistake).

3. Student did not complete a planned summer school course.

4. Student does not have the minimum number of courses scheduled.

5. Senior does not have courses required to graduate.

We are not able to change courses because a student wants a different teacher, a different lunch period, or to be with friends.

Although we strive to give every student his or her "ideal" schedule, we can only guarantee that students will have the courses requested (when possible) and those required for high school graduation or college admission.