Graduation Requirements

♦ IMPORTANT: 1 semester = 0.5 credit ♦

Information for Parents of Incoming Freshman: Available downloads include: Husky Blue and Gold Book 2015
Handout from a Parent Workshop for a Four Year Plan
PHN Four Year Schedule
Grade 9-12 Scheduling.

Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores & Freshmen: Classes of 2011-2014

Total Credits to Graduate: 22

• English Language Arts (4 credits)

ELA Grade 9

ELA Grade 10

ELA Grade 11: Possibly replaced with AP Language and Composition

ELA Grade 12: Possibly replaced with AP Literature & Composition

• Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometery, Algebra II, Elective (4 credits)

Algebra I Grade 9 (unless student passed 8th Grade Algebra test)

Geometry Grade 10

Algebra II Grade 11

One other Math Class [Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, other]

(all students must complete a math class in their final year of high school)

• Science: Biology, Chemistry or Physics, Elective (3 credits)

• Social Studies (3 credits)

US History and Geography Grade 9

Civics/Economics Grade 10 (1 semester each)

World History and Geography

Electives are offered, including AP Courses

• Physical Education (0.5credit)

4 Years participation in Marching Band or 4 seasons participation in a school
sponsored athletic program can substitute for one semester (0.5 credit)

• Health (0.5 credit)

• Online Course experience (0 credits) (met in ELA Grade 9)

• Participate in the Michigan Merit Exam (MME)

• Visual, Performing or Applied Art (1 credit)

Possible number of Electives: (6 credits)