Career Cruising

Career Cruising Instructions: Education Development Plan

1. Type in in address box.

2. Log in first with username "phnorthern", password "huskies".

3. Log in with username (usually 's' and student #) and password (usually last name in lower case) that you used before. (See Mrs. Markopoulos if there is a problem.) Different accounts for one student cannot be combined.

4. If you have never had an account, go to "create a new EDP".

5. Fill in personal information. You don't need to include email. Your new username will be an "s" plus your student ID #, and your password will be your last name in all lower case. Do not change this.

6. Log in using your username and password.

7. Click on the tab "Assessments".

8. Click on "Career Matchmaker"". Answer the 116 questions which will be in groups of 39 or so. Each time the grey box pops up when one group of 39 is done, click "save to my EDP" on the bottom, and then click "do more like this". The more questions answered, the better the assessment.

9. Click on "Assessments" tab and choose "My Skills" inventory.

10. Do the "My Skills" inventory, and save to your EDP in the same way as "Career Matchmaker".

11. When finished with both assessments, click again on "Career Matchmaker" and the program should produce a list of careers that coordinate between your interests and your skills. These careers will have a letter grade to the right from A to D, which rates how well your interests match your skills. Also, recommended Career Pathways have been generated. If there are several careers that interest you, click on them and always make sure you "save to my EDP" (on the left once you open up a career). Save at least three careers.

12. If you are interested in a career that is not listed, click on the top tab "Careers", and type in the title of that career. You need the correct name of the career, and if you have "no results", try a more general title for that career.

13. For each career there are tabs for description, working conditions, earnings, and education. Take your time and read at home.

14. Select your favorite career, click on "Education" on the left and scroll down to the academic programs. Click on one and you will go to the Michigan colleges that offer that program. You can also go to other states. Select a college you're interested in, "save to my EDP" on the left. In the 'saved box' put a comment linking that college to the career that led to it. Open the college back up by clicking on the name. There are tabs on the left giving information on admissions requirements, costs, and majors offered. Save at least three colleges.

15. The school's website can also be found. Navigating these sites takes time. now you can see what the program offers and the courses involved. Usually under Admissions you'll be able to find where to apply online. Researching colleges takes time. Make sure the career and academic program you want is offered at the college you want.

16. You can go directly to a college by clicking on the tab at the top labeled 'school' and typing the name in the box.

17. If you click on "EDP" tab at the top you will see your saved data. Also there are sections to fill in volunteer activities, awards, hobbies, skills, education plan (which is 9 - 12 classes), post secondary goals, and career prep and planning.

18. The "Employment" tab at the top has information for letter writing, resumes, interviewing, and the work search with a huge section to keep track of your job search during and after college. Career Cruising will carry you through college. Since it is on line you can access it at home.