Northern Powerlifting


Powerlifting is one of the fastest growing sports in the State of Michigan. Northern has had an official Varsity powerlifting club since 2009. Athletes compete in classes that are based on gender, weight, and age. (Yes, girls can powerlift too!) The three lifts completed at the meets are Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Each competitor will receive 3 attempts at each of these exercises. Our Northern Powerlifting goal is to have our athletes meet personal goals and break records they set for themselves. We have already developed a reputation for having great sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst powerlifting teams across the State.

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Congratulations to the following team members for being on the All-State team for the 2011 season:

Tyler Smith, Kevin Nguyen, Ryan Bostwick, Damian Haeck, Brandon Adair, Morgan Smith, Dillon Forrest, Caulder Renno, Alex Nelson, Dustin Harvey, and Brandon Pojeky

Tyler Smith was the program's second ever State Champion and first at the Men's Varsity level!

Men's Varsity

155 ln class- Tyler Smith - 495 lb. Deadlift (Held from March 2011- present)

181 lb class - Aaron David - 310 lb. Bench Press (Held from March 2009 - present)

Men's Junior Varsity

242 lb class - Dillon Forrest - 310 lb Bench Press (Held from March 2009 - present)